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Are Your Investments Pro-Life Or Pro-Abortion?

Growing Pro-Life Movement Millions of unborn children have lost their lives to abortion. Thankfully, abortion rates in the US reached the lowest number since Roe v. Wade and were below one million for the first time since the 70’s, according to the latest research by the Guttmacher Institute.   There is also growing support for the […]

Should Christians Invest In Bitcoin?

Making heads or tails of Bitcoin I just received an email proclaiming that if I started investing in Bitcoin today that I could “make as much as 55 times your money”. To which I assume they expect me to respond with something along the lines of, “55 times my money, eh? Well in that case, […]

Does Your Conscience Have A Price? Biblically Responsible Investing In The Age Of High Return, Low Fee Idolatry.

You probably remember the 1993 movie “Indecent Proposal” even if you never saw it (which I hope is the case…bleh) because of it’s infamous plot line: a billionaire offers a young couple $1,000,000 for one night with the wife. Indecent proposal indeed. The plot is brilliant, even if the movie is not, because it touches […]

How To Get Started With Biblically Responsible Investing

Introduction to Biblically Responsible Investing There is a movement underway in the world of finance where Christians are investing billions of dollars intentionally to support biblical values for the glory of God, and it is called Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). More and more Christians are waking up to the opportunity to align their investments with […]

Where Is God When Houston Happens?

May God be with the people of Houston. Over the past several days, one of the most costly natural disasters ever recorded has unfolded in Houston, TX. Hurricane Harvey has decimated the 4th largest city in the United States, crushing southeast Texas with over 19 trillion gallons of rain. The city is in ruin, people are […]

Do Not Desire To Be Rich

“But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.” (1 Timothy 6:9) How easy it is to desire to be rich. We certainly do not desire to be poor, do we? But here in the scriptures Paul issues […]


Why do you invest? This is one of those questions that we tend to breeze by without giving much thought because the answer seems so obvious. But is it? And even if the answer is obvious, is it the right answer? So, what is your answer…to make money? To save for retirement? To provide for your […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Most Inspiring Tech Stocks

Technology is great. Except when it isn’t. Tech companies are great. Except when they aren’t. Like many things, technology can be used for good or for evil. And like the technology they create and distribute, tech companies can be forces for good or for not-so-good. (There, see? I didn’t call tech companies “evil”.) Biblically responsible […]


Esther did not intend to be queen. It was not listed in her 10 year strategic vision. But she found herself in a place of influence during a time of crisis for her people, God’s people, and she was called upon by her people to take action. She was called upon to use the influence […]