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INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Most Inspiring Tech Stocks

Technology is great. Except when it isn’t. Tech companies are great. Except when they aren’t. Like many things, technology can be used for good or for evil. And like the technology they create and distribute, tech companies can be forces for good or for not-so-good. (There, see? I didn’t call tech companies “evil”.) Biblically responsible […]


Esther did not intend to be queen. It was not listed in her 10 year strategic vision. But she found herself in a place of influence during a time of crisis for her people, God’s people, and she was called upon by her people to take action. She was called upon to use the influence […]

Overcoming Fear

Everything involves risk.  Especially things that matter. When faced with the risk of failure and loss, fear is a natural emotion, but fear must be overcome. The popular “self-help” style of overcoming fear is to assume a false confidence that “everything will work out”, channeling Polly Anna with her rose-colored glasses, and resolutely ignoring the […]

Bible Values Create Raving Fans

Every (smart) business wants to deliver “wow experiences” that not only satisfy customers and employees, but turn them into raving fans.  Satisfied customers are happy, they don’t complain and probably will be loyal.  Raving fans, on the other hand, are more than happy, they are delighted; beyond not complaining, they sing your praises; and on […]

Good Christians Are Fools

As a Christian in business, and in life, wisdom requires you to be a fool.  You will be called on by Wisdom to make decisions that seem folly to bystanders.  Onlookers will mock you at best and do their best to destroy you at worst.  They will not understand, accept or even tolerate your path, but you […]

Invest Different.

Sir John Templeton, one of the modern world’s most successful and famed investors, once said, “It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different.” This concept of contrarianism, purposefully spurning the direction and decisions of the masses in favor of the road less travelled, is (ironically perhaps) embraced and espoused by investors […]

Merits Of Equal Weighting An Index

What is the best way to cook an egg?  Scrambled?  Fried?  Poached, perhaps?  That is, of course, an impossible question because the correct answer is completely dependent on what you want the end result to be. The same is true with index construction. What is the best way to build an index?  Market cap weighted?  […]