How Inspire Builds Portfolios Differently

How Inspire Builds Quality Portfolios Differently

How Or How Much?

There are a lot of things we do differently at Inspire, not the least of which is our approach to building high quality portfolios comprised of the most inspiring, biblically aligned companies in the world.

As the infographic below illustrates, most investment management firms only look at the financial data of a company (how much money they make and how much they spend), while ignoring the more important ethical questions of how they make the money and how they spend it.

Many companies may look wonderful in terms of profitability, but if that profit is coming at the expense of corporate fraud or dealing in immoral industries such as abortion or pornography, then in our opinion such companies are not good investments.

Different Approach

Inspire takes a different approach. Not only do we examine the financial data on a company, but we also diligently analyze the ethical and moral issues involved with that company. This comprehensive approach results in robust portfolios that are filled with inspiring, biblically aligned companies that are a blessing to their customers, communities, workforce and the world.

These are the sort of companies we can really believe in, both financially and ethically. Why invest any other way?



INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Most Inspiring Tech Stocks

Technology is great. Except when it isn’t.

Tech companies are great. Except when they aren’t.

Like many things, technology can be used for good or for evil. And like the technology they create and distribute, tech companies can be forces for good or for not-so-good. (There, see? I didn’t call tech companies “evil”.)

Biblically responsible investors are wise to consider the impact that their technology stocks are having on the world at large. In particular, tech companies can shine particularly brightly, or fail miserably, in areas of special concern such as supply chains (remember the FoxCon/Apple suicides?) and the environment (tech manufacturing can be a very dirty business).

So, which tech companies are doing the best job of adding positive impact to the world in line with biblically responsible investing values? See below for our picks of the five tech companies with the highest Inspire Impact Scores. To learn more about how biblically responsible investing based on the Inspire Impact Score can affect portfolio performance, read our post titled “Can Impact Investments Outperform?”.