Inspire’s approach to biblically responsible investing (BRI) centers around the revolutionary Inspire Impact Score methodology which is a rules based, data driven approach to systematically identifying the most inspiring, biblically aligned companies in the world — companies that are a blessing to their customers, communities, workforce and the world.  Recent research from Biola University’s Inspire Research Institute for Biblically Responsible Investing also has shown that companies with high Inspire Impact Scores have the potential to outperform companies with lower scores (see: Can Impact Investments Outperform?).  Inspire utilizes advanced, artificial intelligence based technology to scrub millions of data points everyday from corporate reports, NGO’s, news articles and other sources to track and monitor a company’s impact on a daily basis.

Company in hot water for labor practice issues in their supply chain?  We hear about it.  Company awarded accolades for stellar breakthroughs in treating disease?  We see it.  And more than that, we score it with the Inspire Impact Score.

Inspire Impact Scores work on a scale of -100 to +100. Positive points are awarded across four main categories:  1) Customers; 2) Community; 3) Workforce; and 4) World.  Each category carries 25 potential points, so if a company scores perfectly in all four categories they would receive a perfect 100.  Within each of these four categories, there are several sub-categories that are taken into consideration as follows:


  • Business model
  • Product integrity and innovation


  • Social impact
  • Philanthropy
  • Political involvement


  • Human capital
  • Corporate governance
  • Supply chain


  • Environment
  • Sustainable energy use and production

Next, negative points are assigned based on involvement in immoral practices, including: abortion, pornography, human rights violations, LGBT activism, alcohol, tobacco and gambling. If a company has exposure to any of these negative areas, they are never included in an Inspire portfolio as they will always score below zero. To learn more about our exclusionary criterion, visit

Inspire Impact Scores help us build biblically responsible investing portfolios of companies that are aligned with God’s heart for the world.  Companies that are “loving their neighbor as themselves” and seeking to serve, rather than to be served.  Companies that are inspiring.

When you invest with Inspire you are investing in some of the most inspiring companies in the world and helping to capitalize them to continue their impactful work.

Why invest any other way?

Thank you for your partnership in our mission to inspire transformation!