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The J.M. Smucker Company

Join us as we tell Smucker’s that we do not support their choice to trade wholesome family values for LGBTQ+ political activism!
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Make a difference and sponsor a child

We’ve witnessed time and time again how sponsorship truly changes a child’s present circumstances and future possibilities. When you sponsor a child, you’re not only providing them HELP and HOPE, you’re also building and nurturing a personal relationship through letter writing and prayer. Sponsorship provides a boy or girl around the world with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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Inspire CEO on biblically responsible investing

Biblically responsible investing with the Inspire Impact Score

The ­Inspire Impact Score is a faith-based ESG (environment, social, governance) security selection methodology that seeks to identify the most inspiring, biblically aligned companies in the world.

The Inspire Impact Score utilizes both positive inclusionary and negative exclusionary screens in the scoring process. The result is a rules-based system of finding companies which are operating as blessings to their customers, communities, workforce and the world, and excluding companies which are operating at odds with biblical values.

Inspire seeks out above average, “best in class” companies in the following areas:

Business Model

Business products, services and operations structured in a way to benefit rather than exploit customers.

Product Integrity and Innovation

Creates products and services which are helpful and create value rather than extract value or harm users.

Corporate Governance

Policies and behaviors regarding executive compensation, ethical dealings, board management, etc.

Human Capital

Policies and behaviors regarding equitable employee management.

Social Impact

Impact and influence on society and communities in which the company operates.

Supply Chain

Impact and influence on society and communities in which the company operates.


Measures company’s impact on the environment, including air, water and land.

Sustainable Energy Use and Production

Measures company’s use and production of sustainable energy.


Air Quality
The category addresses management of air quality impacts resulting from stationary and mobile sources as well as industrial emissions.
Ecological Impacts
The category addresses management of the company's impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity through activities.
Energy Management
The category addresses environmental impacts associated with energy consumption.
Materials Sourcing & Efficiency
The category addresses issues related to the resilience of materials supply chains to impacts of climate change and other external environmental and social factors.

Inspire ETFs carefully avoids companies with exposure to these contentious areas:


Manufacture, sale or distribution of pornographic content.


Manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages.


    Manufacture or sale of tobacco products.


      Ownership or operation of gambling facilities, either physical or Internet-based.

        Bio Ethics

        Involvement in the business or promotion of abortion, including abortifacient drugs, embryonic stem cell research, philanthropy, etc.

        Human Rights

        Known human rights violations such as employing children, slave labor, human trafficking, discrimination, etc.

        LGBT Activism

        Corporations using shareholder dollars to push a social agenda, alienating consumers and investors with alternative viewpoints


        Cultivates or processes cannabis or its compounds for retail or wholesale distribution.

        Inspire's giving pledge

        Inspire Investing gives 50% of the net profits from our management fees and donates them to Christian charities through our Give50 campaign. That means that every dollar invested with Inspire is helping to inspire transformation throughout the world!

        Total lifetime giving $131,548 as of 8/24/21
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        Inspire Impact Calculator

        Discover the impact your investment portfolio can make over 20 years
        Potential impact of a   $  portfolio with   %  expected annual rate of return
        People provided with a clean water source
        Bibles given to the persecuted Church
        Operation shoebox gifts delivered
        People reached for the gospel
        Cases of legal representation for the oppressed
        Potential babies spared through pro-life counsel
        The potential impact numbers are calculated using the firm’s total historical charitable giving ($131,548 as of 8/24/21) divided by the firm’s average annual AUM since inception ($396,101,565 million as of 12/31/2020) in combination with the portfolio dollar value and expected annual rate of return indicated above. Actual donations may be higher or lower depending on growth rate, length of time assets are held at Inspire, and other factors. Donation amounts, performance, profit and other factors are not guaranteed. Calculation of donation pledge is (Income Since Inception – Expenses Since Inception)*50% -(Donations Since Inception). Inspire pays out donations from time to time, at least annually, based on funding needs of specific ministry projects.

        IMPACT DATA SOURCES: $15 provides clean water for 1 person. Cost per visitor to ($4.36 each). $5 provides one Bible to Christians in persecution.
        International Justice Mission: ( $105 to cover trial fees for one case defending a victim of human trafficking. $25 provides a shoebox to one child in need. $4 provides one pro-life consultant call to a frightened pregnant woman.

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