Biblically Responsible Investing: For God's Glory And Your Joy

“Biblically Responsible Investing” Book by Inspire Investing CEO Robert Netzly Ranks #1 Bestseller in Multiple Categories

Robert Netzly, CEO of biblical investing firm Inspire Investing, launches new #1 Bestselling book titled “Biblically Responsible Investing: For God’s Glory And Your Joy”.

Robert Netzly, CEO of biblical investing firm Inspire Investing and respected authority on faith-based investing, released his new book “Biblically Responsible Investing: For God’s Glory And Your Joy” last week and claimed the top spot as #1 Bestseller on Amazon for multiple major categories, including Christian Stewardship, Mutual Fund Investing, New Releases and others.

Netzly had this to say about the successful launch, “I am so humbled by the outpouring of support from Christian investors around the world who are responding to the call for biblically responsible investing and changing the way they invest for God’s glory and their joy. This is a spectacular movement of God.”

About The Book: “Biblically Responsible Investing”

Within the pages of “Biblically Responsible Investing”, Netzly describes in detail the story of how his life was turned upside down by his discovery of something called biblically responsible investing (BRI), how the Holy Spirit pierced his heart about the issue and his harrowing experience of leaving everything to follow Jesus into an uncertain future with no safety net.

Also within these pages is the story of how God is on the move in the financial industry, and the very real, very powerful biblically responsible investing movement underway. Christians across the globe are investing billions of dollars in alignment with biblical values for God’s glory and their joy. And as they do so, their hearts are being drawn nearer to the heart of God, their worship is becoming more rich, their satisfaction in Christ is becoming more complete and their lives are shining more brightly for God’s glory.

And Wall Street is being transformed.

About The Author: Robert Netzly

Robert Netzly is a frequent guest and contributor on FOX Business, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and other major media for his expertise on biblically responsible investing.

He is also the Founder and CEO of the Inspire Impact Group family of companies: Inspire Investing, a leading biblically responsible investment management firm; Christian Wealth Management, a professional membership network of Christian financial advisors dedicated to growing the BRI movement; and, a revolutionary, free investment analysis tool empowering investors with instant, unprecedented transparency into the moral issues supported by the companies in their portfolios.

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