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Inspire Launches First Ever Biblically Responsible Index in Canada

Inspire Investing and Virtuous Investing are proud to bring the first ever biblically responsible index to Canada. The Inspire Canada ESG Index is a faith-based ESG (environmental, social and governance) index comprised of biblically aligned large cap companies domiciled in Canada, as measured by Inspire’s revolutionary Inspire Impact Score methodology.

The responsible investing (RI) movement in Canada is continuing to experience rapid growth according to the 2018 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report. RI AUM (assets under management) has surpassed $2 trillion, accounting for 50.6% of Canada’s investment industry, and has grown 41.6% over a two-year period. According to the Pew Research Center and Statistics Canada, there are over 20 million Christians in Canada that currently have no way to invest with biblical values.

Here is what Inspire CEO, Robert Netzly, had to say about the new index launch,

“The launch of the Inspire Canada ESG Index is a testament to the momentum of the biblically responsible investing movement that is exploding across the globe. Christian investors in Canada are asking for solutions to align their portfolios with the biblical values they care about. Now Canadian investors have an index they can reference to construct God honoring portfolios that also work toward their financial goals. God is at work in the financial industry, and He is just getting started!”

Inspire Investing is excited to partner with Brian Hilt of Virtuous Investing to lead the charge of the biblically responsible investing (BRI) movement in Canada.

Here is what Brian Hilt had to say,

“I am excited and grateful for the launch of the Inspire Canada ESG Index and count it a blessing to be at the forefront of the BRI movement in Canada. As a licensee of Inspire’s research methodology, Virtuous Investing is currently one of the only Canadian portfolio managers fully dedicated to BRI portfolio management. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to working with the team at Inspire to provide BRI portfolio management to Christians throughout Canada for years to come.”

About Inspire Canada ESG Index

Inspire Canada ESG Index is a faith-based ESG (environmental, social and governance) index comprised of inspiring, biblically aligned large companies in Canada, as measured by the revolutionary Inspire Impact Score methodology, which measures a company’s positive impact on the world. The index is market cap weighted and reconstituted annually, requiring constituents to have a minimum $20B market cap or higher and be domiciled in Canada. The index is calculated on a total return basis in Canadian dollars and meets biblically responsible investing (BRI) standards.

For more information on the Inspire Canada ESG Index and other Inspire Indexes, visit

Rapid Growth

Inspire’s commitment to supporting biblical values such as pro-life, traditional marriage and ending human trafficking with their investment offerings seems to resonate with investors across the globe, now most recently in Canada.

Inspire growth has gained them recognition as the #8 fastest growing registered investment advisor (RIA) firm in the nation in 2018, according to Financial Advisor Magazine’s “Top 50 Fastest Growing RIAs” annual report.

Inspire’s Discretionary Assets Under Management (AUM) has grown 144% so far this year, bringing total assets to $613M as of September 2019.

About Inspire Investing

Inspire Investing is a leading biblically responsible investing firm that specializes in index based, biblically responsible solutions. All solutions utilize the innovative Inspire Impact Score methodology, which measures a company’s positive impact on the world to identify companies that align with the values of faith-based investors.

Inspire also donates 50% or more of their own corporate profits generated from management fees to support impactful ministry projects around the globe. Most recently Inspire adopted a village in the coffee farming mountains of Guatemala and is working to provide a church building, clean water, improved education, a fully functional medical clinic, and child sponsorship to completely transform the lives of the those living in that impoverished village.

Visit to learn more about Inspire’s biblically responsible investment products and inspiring impact projects.

You cannot invest directly in an index.

Virtuous Investing is a trade name of Huxton Black Ltd., which is registered as a Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer with the Ontario Securities Commission. Inspire Investing and Virtuous Investing are not affiliated.

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