Inspire Impact Score

The ­Inspire Impact Score is a faith-based ESG (environment, social, governance) security selection methodology that seeks to identify the most inspiring, biblically aligned companies in the world. The Inspire Impact Score utilizes both positive inclusionary and negative exclusionary screens in the scoring process. The result is a rules-based system of finding companies which are operating as blessings to their customers, communities, workforce and the world, and excluding companies which are operating at odds with biblical values.

Following are definitions of the positive and negative screens used in the Inspire Impact Score methodology.

How scoring works.

Step 1.

Every company starts with zero points 

Step 2.

Exclusionary screens are applied to companies which operate at odds with biblical values.  Negative points are assigned to the impact score if any violations are found. These companies are always excluded from investment.

Step 3.

Companies with no negative violations are then positively scored across nine categories based on how they operate as blessings to their customers, communities, workforce and the world. Positive points are assigned based on the extent to which the company has above average scores in those positive categories.


Companies are scored on a scale between -100 and +100, with scores above zero representing better alignment with biblical values. Inspire only invests in companies with scores of zero or higher, and particularly selects those companies with scores closest to 100 for inclusion in portfolios.

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Positive Screens

Points are awarded for above average “best in class” practices in the following areas.

Negative Screens

Companies with exposure to any of the following issues will always score below zero and are excluded from investment.