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Putting money where
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We believe that good returns and good values are not mutually exclusive. Not only do we invest in some of the most impactful companies in the world, but we also seek to be one of the most impactful companies in the world.


One way we work to make a meaningful impact in the world is through generosity. Every year, Inspire donates at least 50% of corporate profits to impactful charities with our Give50 campaign. That means that every dollar you invest with Inspire is helping to inspire transformation throughout the world. Here are just some of the causes that your investment dollars are helping to support.

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Clean Water

The clean water provided to the community in Nepal India was funded 100% by our Give50 program. When you invest with Inspire 50% of the proceeds we collect go directly to fund projects like this one. We aim to be an inspiring company that blesses those in need. It’s amazing what an impact financial stewardship for God’s glory can bring.

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End Slavery

Right now, more than 45 million people are enslaved worldwide. Children, women and men are trapped in forced labor or sexual slavery, where violence, deceit and abuse become their everyday. IJM partners with the local law enforcement and officials, aftercare professionals, NGOs, churches, students, parents, friends and scholars standing together to protect the poor from violence.

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Hope For Youth

Groundwire airs 30 and 60 second Christ-centered radio spots on mainstream youth-oriented radio stations around the world as well as 30 second TV spots on stations like MTV, VH1, Cartoon Network, BET and Comedy Central. The spots direct interested listeners back to our website (, where they can IM chat one-on-one with a spiritual coach.

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Bible Distribution

The Bible is a precious gift. It reveals God’s plan for salvation and introduces a person to Jesus Christ. The average cost to print, ship, and deliver a Bible into the hands of, for example, a Cuban man or woman—who will treasure it in ways that you and I probably don’t understand—is just $10. It’s a delight to partner with WorldHelp to spread the good news in such a tangible way.

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Care for the Poor

When food runs out, hope is scarce. It’s a situation often seen in countries where people are left to starve because of natural disasters, war and genocide, and widespread poverty. Samaritan’s Purse is committed to reaching out to the hungry with both physical and spiritual nourishment.


Inspire’s Approach To

Biblically Responsible Investing

It is remarkable to see the impact that even a small group of impact focused investors can have on the world. As more and more people invest for impact with biblical values, we will see inspiring transformation throughout the world and share in a brighter future.

Robert Netzly, CEO, Inspire
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Endorse companies making a positive contribution to the world through blessing their customers, communities and workplace and the world.



Engage with companies to encourage positive change through shareholder activism.


Exclude “bad actor” companies that seek to profit through the exploitation of customers and communities, operating at odds to biblical values such as “love your neighbor as yourself”.

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