Jan 27, 2022

Inspire Advisors Catches Another $100M Advisor from Major Secular Firm

$100M advisor leaves major firm after 15 years due to lack of biblically responsible investing options.
Inspire Advisors Catches Another $100M Advisor from Major Secular Firm

Boise Metro, Idaho, January 27th, 2022 Matt Daugavietis, the newest financial advisor to join Christian advisory firm – Inspire Advisors, says that the lack of access to use Inspire’s biblically responsible ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and SMAs (separately managed accounts) in his practice was the leading reason he joined after 15 years at a major secular firm which earned the #1 Most Trusted Wealth Manager award in 2021.

This is what Matt Daugavietis had to say about his transition,

“Since Inspire ETFs and SMAs were not available for me to use on any of my previous firm’s investment advisory platforms, I was left with little choice. It would be disingenuous of me to invest my own money in the most responsible, appropriate, and compelling way I saw fit, while recommending my clients do something else.”

Daugavietis  added, “Although not all investors will agree with a biblically responsible mindset, many want their values reflected in the companies they own. As advisors, we carry a sacred responsibility to deploy investments on behalf of our clients, with my affiliation with Inspire Advisors I can fulfill that high calling."

"While over the past 15 years I had built a successful practice at my previous firm, I would much rather build my practice with Inspire Advisors for the next 15. But as for me and my practice, we will serve the Lord.”

Inspire Investing’s CEO, Robert Netzly, shared his thoughts about the transition.

“Faith-based investors represent $20 trillion dollars in the investing community and, like Matt, are growing impatient with their lack of representation in the market. We’ve been talking with Daugavietis’ previous firm and other similar firms for years to encourage them to deploy biblically responsible investment options, like Inspire’s ETFs, but have gotten resistance."

"We’re happy to receive all advisors who want to practice their God-given convictions but would hope that other firms would do more to represent the faith community in their platforms.”

Matthew Daugavietis manages $100M of client assets and is a native of Vacaville, California where he currently resides with his wife, Jen, and their three children.

About Inspire Advisors

The Inspire Advisors platform is purposely built from the ground up to support Christian financial advisors who want to run their practices with 100% biblically responsible investing (BRI) alignment, a growing conviction among financial advisors and their clients.

Inspire’s investment team is led by Chief Investment Officer, Darrell Jayroe, CFA, CFP, CKA, who has served in senior portfolio management positions for over 20 years. Joining Mr. Jayroe on the Inspire investment team are several world-class professionals, including Inspire’s Chief Economic Advisor, Dr. Erik Davidson, CFA, who previously served as the Chief Investment Officer at Wells Fargo Private Bank overseeing $200 billion in assets and a team of 400 professionals; Inspire’s Investment Analyst, Shane Enete, Ph.D., CFA, CFP, who currently shares his time as Professor of Finance at Biola University and heads up Biola University’s Inspire Research Institute for BRI; Timothy Shwarzenberger, CFA, previously of Christian Brother’s Investment Services, where he assisted in the management of over $10B in faith-based assets; and, Isaac Beckel, CFA, CAIA, who previously managed a $2.5B credit portfolio for the state of New Mexico’s pension.

Christian financial advisors interested in exploring a relationship with Inspire Advisors can email or visit to learn more.

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*Disclaimer: Investment advisory services offered through Inspire Advisors, LLC and Inspire Investing, LLC, both being Registered Investment Advisors with the SEC. Inspire Investing, LLC and Inspire Advisors, LLC are affiliates.

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