Can Impact Investments Outperform?

**UPDATE**: Biola University has published the full research paper mentioned below. To read the full study, click here to visit the Biola Inspire Research Institute for BRI website.

It has long been a debate in the investing world whether impact investments, socially responsible investments (SRI), biblically responsible investments (BRI), and other “screened” investment strategies can perform as well as their non-screened peers.  This debate may finally be reaching it’s end.

New research conducted by Biola University’s Inspire Research Institute for Biblically Responsible Investing has found that applying the Inspire Impact Score methodology of security selection can actually result in better investment returns than investing in a broader, non-screened benchmark.  **The full study is due to be released soon (…so make sure you subscribe to this blog above so you don’t miss the big announcement) but in the meantime, we have compiled an initial summary of the findings to provide you a little sneak peek into this groundbreaking research.

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