Nov 15, 2021

How a Guatemalan Village was Transformed by Investment Fees

Inspire Investing's Give50 program completes 3-year transformation efforts to restore a village in dire need of restoration.
How a Guatemalan Village was Transformed by Investment Fees

A Village in Disrepair

Colonia Tawayni, La Union was a needy village located high in the mountainous, remote coffee farming terrain of Guatemala and accessible only by 4×4 vehicle on a hazardous dirt road. This village serves as The central hub for two other villages and was in dire need of school repairs, a church building, medical clinic repairs and an improved water system.

“Many years have passed since our medical facilities were built and with the passage of time it deteriorated more. The roof was unstable, the electrical installation no longer worked and visually it seemed an abandoned place. Such an important place to give medical assistance to the most needy was becoming almost unusable due to the lack of resources to repair it.” – Village Elder

Inspire and Friends Lend a Helping Hand

In 2018, Inspire partnered with World Help and Hope of Life to adopt this impoverished village in Guatemala. The village of 720 people, 450 of which are children, was in dire need of school and medical clinic repairs, clean water system improvements, and a church building for the recently converted believers to meet in and continue evangelism to their community.

Through investors choosing to invest with Inspire and align their investments with their faith, these needs were able to be met with love and dignity. After much planning and collaboration with local teams to assess the needed repairs, 3 years later in September 2021 the renovations were complete!

“When we were informed that this project would become a reality, we were very excited! Thanks to God and the good will of all of you, today we have achieved the renovation of our facilities!" – Village Elder

The Road to Transformation

No stone was left unturned to restore this village to be a thriving community again. Inspire’s efforts addressed 5 critical needs to provide better access to education, medical care, sanitation, and religious services:

1.     Church building: A pastor in a nearby village travels 30 minutes and hosted weekly church services in a small home until they outgrew the home and were gathering in the streets. The community can now gather in a facility to worship God and grow in their faith!

2.     Water System Rebuild: The only water source was 2 miles away from the village. Their current source was polluted with dirt and debris and did not supply enough water for the village. After replacing more than 2 miles of pipeline and the distribution system, clean running water was able to be restored for the entire community!

3.     School repairs: With only 5 classrooms in disrepair to house 450 children, these overcrowded and worn facilities needed important structural, safety, and cosmetic repairs. Each of these classrooms have been restored and upgraded along with a new playground!

4.     New classroom: To better house and serve the youth, Inspire built an additional classroom to provide a computer lab outfitted with 15 computer stations thanks to a generous donation from another partner.

5.     Clinic Repairs: The roof was unstable, had faulty electricity, and looked abandoned. Every time it rained the staff would need to move and cover furniture and supplies to keep from being damaged. Today, the building has been completely restored and provides a safe and sanitary environment for the community to receive critical medical care.

The Results

Church Building
“Today our population attends a dignified place where we can serve them with love and dedication.” – Village Elder
Water Restoration
School Renovations
"Teachers, Parents and the Community in general are so sincerely grateful for such a great project carried out In the Official Rural Mixed School Aldea Taguayni - Mayor of the Community"
Medical Facility Repairs
“Thanks to God and the good will of all of you, today we have achieved the renovation of our facilities! It is comfortable and fills us with peace to have a safe roof, to have good plastered walls and painted, the doors in good condition and electrical power, among other things, is for those of us who work here a dream come true.” – Clinic Nurse

We’re Just Getting Started

We are humbled and honored to have been able to love and serve this community and village. This legacy would never have been possible if it wasn’t for all the institutions, advisors, and clients that are investing with Inspire.

But we’re not stopping here! As ambassadors of the kingdom of God we are committed to inspiring transformation throughout this world with every breath we have, and every dollar we invest! Our partners across the world are ministering to the needs of those suffering from injustice, poverty, natural disasters, and more, and we are here to stand in the gap for them with you. You can learn more about our impact here

Inspire Investing gives 50% of the net profits from our management fees and donates them to Christian ministries through our Give50 campaign. That means that every dollar invested with Inspire is helping to inspire transformation throughout the world!

How awesome is it that your investment account can be working toward your financial goals while also providing for the immediate needs of others during a desperate time? Your investment dollars are hard at work!


Total lifetime giving $131,548 as of 8/24/21

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