Jun 4, 2020

Inspire Investing Meeting Needs Of Guatemalan Villagers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Inspire Investing Meeting Needs Of Guatemalan Villagers During COVID-19 Pandemic
Since 2018, Inspire has partnered with World Help and Hope of Life to adopt an impoverished village in Guatemala. The village of Colonia Tawayni, La Union is located high in the mountainous, remote coffee farming terrain of Guatemala and is accessible only by 4×4 vehicle on a hazardous dirt road. The village of 720 people, 450 of which are children, was in dire need of school and medical clinic repairs, clean water system improvements, and a church building for the recently converted believers to meet in and continue evangelism to their community.

Through investors choosing to invest with Inspire and align their investments with their faith, the project has been able to make rapid progress. The church build is completed, a clean water well established, and the school project is currently underway. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the project, and the entire country of Guatemala for that matter, to a screeching halt. The government ordered lockdown is so severe that people are not even permitted to leave their villages to buy desperately needed food and supplies.

Inspire recently received word that Colonia Tawayni had run completely out of food with no means to get more, and people were starving. Thankfully, our ministry partners Hope of Life received permission to take food to the mountain villages, including Colonia Tawayni. The need was so great, however, that even Hope of Life has run out of food to give as their food donation stockpile is being dispersed faster than it is being replenished.

For just $30, World Help is able to purchase, assemble and deliver a food care package that can feed a family of 2 adults and 4 children for 2 weeks (mask included of course, per Guatemala regulations). That means that for $9,600 we can feed the entire village of 160 families for one month.

Thanks to all of the institutions, advisors, and clients that are investing with Inspire, the Inspire Give50program has already been able to provide the entire village with 2 weeks of food to cover their immediate needs. Please be praying that this food gets safely delivered to the village, pray the Lord blankets his peace over these villagers during this frightening time, and pray that the virus subsides so the lockdown can be lifted. If you feel led, you can also donate directly to this food relief effort at this link here. $30 provides one family with food for a month and 100% of the donations are directed to this village through World Help.

How awesome is it that your investment account can be working toward your financial goals while also providing for the immediate needs of others during a desperate time?

Your investment dollars are hard at work!

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