Jan 20, 2018

Are Your Investments Pro-Life Or Pro-Abortion?

Are Your Investments Pro-Life Or Pro-Abortion?

Growing Pro-Life Movement

Millions of unborn children have lost their lives to abortion. Thankfully, abortion rates in the US reached the lowest number since Roe v. Wade and were below one million for the first time since the 70’s, according to the latest research by the Guttmacher Institute.

There is also growing support for the pro-life movement among younger generations, representing a tide change in public sentiment toward abortion. Millions of people, young and old, are praying for an end to abortion in our lifetime — and I believe we will see that prayer answered.

As the movement continues to gather steam, more people are diligently making a pro-life impact in an unlikely place: their investment account. Watch this video about how Inspire helps you invest so that someday every baby gets a birthday.

Pro-Life Investing

Many pro-life investors are shocked to discover that they have been profiting from and supporting abortions in their 401(k), IRA, mutual funds and other investment accounts. But with a little effort it is possible to not only eliminate abortion from your portfolio, but to actually support the pro-life movement with your investment decisions.

So, how does the abortion industry get into your investment portfolio? Here are five abortion issues that are commonly found in mutual funds and other investments:

1) Abortion drugs: This one is obvious, but remarkably overlooked by pro-life investors. The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and distribute abortifacient drugs are commonly included in many of the most popular mutual funds, and as such many pro-life advocates are unwittingly profiting from the sale of abortion drugs.

2) Abortion facilities: Many hospitals and clinics which provide abortion procedures are owned by publicly traded companies, and in some cases the hospital or other organization is a publicly traded company itself. As such, these stocks routinely make their way into the investment portfolios of investors around the country.

3) Legislation and promotion: Some companies which are not directly involved in abortions from a business standpoint choose to throw around their corporate clout in support of abortion through fighting for anti-life abortion legislation or providing marketing campaigns and other promotional support for abortion.

4) Philanthropy: Many companies give charitable contributions to Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations that pro-life investors would never dream of giving a penny to.

5) Biotech: Issues such as fetal stem cell research and cloning, or even using the discarded body parts of aborted babies, are widespread in the biotech industry. Pro-life investors should endeavor to avoid companies that choose to wade in those polluted waters.

Pro-Life Investing Report

If you want to find out if any of these issues are lurking in your investment portfolio, just ask us. We have access to software that drills down into your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and other investments and analyzes the granular data of what the companies you own are involved in from a pro-life perspective. The results are often eye-opening. Take the next step and ask us for a moral audit on our contact page, or find a Christian financial advisor at Inspire Advisors.

Armed with that information, you can then take steps to eliminate abortion from your portfolio and start supporting the pro-life movement with your investments.

Supporting Pro-Life Movement

When you invest with Inspire, whether directly or through your financial advisor, your money is not only working toward your financial goals but also helping to support the pro-life movement. Inspire invests in the most biblically aligned companies in the world and are diligently screened to exclude companies with any connection to the abortion industry.

We also donate 50% or more of our corporate profits to support Christian ministry, including pro-life ministries. Every dollar you invest with Inspire helps us give more to support life and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Inspire also engages with corporations on a regular basis to advocate for biblical values. By God’s grace we have several pro-life investing success stories of major corporations ending donations to Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations. By God’s grace we will have many, many more of those stories as pro-life investors put their money where their values are. The more assets we manage, the more influence we have with companies to inspire transformation. When you invest with Inspire, you are adding your voice to those of pro-life investors around the world and together we are making a difference!

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